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Car fuses prevent cars from starting

Date: 2019-12-09  Author: Fucheng

In fact, many times the vehicle malfunction can be repaired by yourself, as long as you have some basic automotive knowledge. No expensive towing costs at all.

Let's go back to the plot. The fat man in the trailer company thinks that the actor has ruined his business and turned against the actor, but he didn't expect to end up hanging on his trailer.

After a handsome fight, the actor came to the car of the beauty, opened the fuse box and played with it a few times after asking for the fault, and the car started normally, saving the heroine $ 1,000 in towing costs. You know that $ 1,000 can buy many things and do many things in Canada, so in order to save the hero's salvation, the heroine intends to ask the handsome man to have a drink. Hehe, I believe you understand what this means...

After reading the above story, I believe you are still surprised that the actor asks what can be done to repair a car that cannot be started without the help of tools. If I say you can do it, do you believe it?

In fact, the actor is not playing with anything else. It is the fuse on the car. Everyone knows that there are fuses of different specifications installed on the circuit in our home to protect the circuit. In fact, there are fuses on our car to protect the circuit.

Fuse is our commonly used colloquial name. Its official name is "fuse", and their function is similar to that of the fuse at home. When the circuit current is abnormal and exceeds its rated current, the fuse acts as a circuit protection.

The conductor inside the fuse is made of metal similar to solder. It has a lower melting point than ordinary wires themselves. The size of the conductor must be calibrated very precisely so that when the rated current is reached, enough heat can be generated to fuse the conductor and open the circuit. Fuses have two important operating parameters, one is the operating voltage and the other is the rated current. The owner of the fuse should choose it according to the voltage and current in the circuit when buying or replacing it.

In terms of appearance, the fuse of a car is not the same as a general household fuse. It is more "mini" than a household fuse and has different colors to distinguish the amperage.





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