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Precautions for fuse holder terminal plating production

Date: 2019-12-09  Author: Fucheng

When plating the fuse holder terminals, there are certain requirements on the surface of the plating production area: anti-corrosion, anti-seepage and anti-liquid; there is a sink on the production line to collect spraying and cleaning liquid devices. The primary requirement of an electroplating production line with excellent electroplating quality is high-quality automatic continuous electroplating production line equipment, which requires good electroplating production process habits. The following are the matters needing attention during the plating operation of fuse holder terminals:

The first is to adjust the structure of the automatic continuous plating production line. The tightness, lubricity and clearance of each part and part, such as the blade clearance, must be adjusted before use. At the same time, if parts are to be replaced, they must be performed in accordance with the prescribed procedures. The parts will not be damaged during replacement.

Second, we must pay close attention to the use of automatic plating production line equipment. During the operation, you should not leave the post without permission. You should always be alert, especially for unusual situations. As soon as an abnormal situation occurs during the operation of the equipment, the power of the equipment should be cut off immediately.

Third, when the automatic continuous electroplating production line is working, the adjustment cannot be interrupted. This means that during the working week of the equipment, it is best not to perform any adjustments or maintenance during this period, otherwise the continuous operation of the fully automatic plating line will be stopped, which will cause discontinuities in the plating process and continuity between the work results And process deviations (such as coating thickness).

All in all, the quality of the fuse holder terminal plating is good or not directly related to the follow-up of the PCB welding work. The quality of the plating directly affects the quality of the welding. We often encounter poor welding production processes, plating oxidation, etc. In terms of problems, the metal plating surface is very poor Stability, which is why we have always emphasized the importance of the plating process of fuse holder terminals.





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